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Unlocking Memories
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Friday, June 2, 2017

Cookin' with Dave n Rayv - Pancakes

This is my go-to recipe for homemade pancakes. I started out with the basic IHOP look-alike recipe that I found ... somewhere ... years ago. Since then, I've used a few S.C.A.M.P.E.R. techniques of creativity (look that up online) to create a novel recipe of my own. This new recipe is loved by everyone who tries it. I hope you enjoy it, too!

1 1/4 C All-Purpose flour (sifted)                         1 1/4 Cups buttermilk (fresh - whole milk with 1
   tablespoon fresh lemon or apple cider vinegar)
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda                                         2 tablespoons melted butter
1/8 teaspoon salt                                                   1/4 Cup sugar
1 egg lightly beaten                                               1 teaspoon vanilla extract (bourbon is best)           approx 1 Tablespoon honey
*sometimes I add a little cinnamon and nutmeg to the mix.

When you make these, it is important to note a couple tips because I cannot take responsibility for tough, dry, flattened pancakes:

  • Do not overmix the batter, it will cause your pancakes to be tough.
  • Cook over medium to medium high heat.
  • Using an electric griddle gives you the best cosmetic results.
  • Wait until you see bubbles on the surface, and the edges are dry before flipping.
Now, here are the step-by-step instructions.
  1. Sift together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. 
  2. Add the sugar, egg, buttermilk, vanilla, honey and melted butter.
  3. Stir until the batter is smooth. 
  4. At this point, if you want to add fresh blueberries, nuts, or any other fresh item, toss the item in a bit of flour first (this prevents them from sinking to the bottom and helps them suspend in the batter) then gently fold it into the batter. I simply like to add my fruit as a topping to my pancakes instead.
  5. Cook on a medium-hot griddle (if it's not non-stick you can lightly grease the griddle), using a 1/4 cup of batter for each pancake depending on the desired size. 
  6. Cook until brown on side and around edges. When bubbles begin to form, flip and brown the other side.

If appearance is important to you (and it's everything to me), stack or layer your pancakes. If you like them loaded then top with fresh berries, nuts, sprinkle with powdered sugar and cinnamon ... be creative ... or leave them naked.

I like to use REAL maple syrup, heated, with a pat of butter mixed in. Use what you like. Sometimes I skip the syrup and make a warm fruit compote with blueberries, a thickener, and a sweetener. It's totally a mood thing.


P.S. You can always make batches of dry ingredients ahead of time (one batch per bag). I took an empty box of some "other" brand of pancake mix (I threw the mix away once I read the ingredients).